Zoo Babies

A jQuery Mobile App

Zoo Babies is an animal tracking app created with jQuery Mobile.

About the App

Baby animals in Australia are being kidnapped and sold to the Sydney Zoo. Some have managed to escape. The user can help the animal reunite with their family. When they spot an animal, they can add a pin to the map on their app, along with a picture and description.

When the user adds a pin, the team behind Zoo Babies will try to retrieve the animal.The user can sort and search for animals in their list, as well as edit and add photos to the animal profile. The user can also view the last known locations of all the known escaped animals.

The App

The login page for the Zoo Babies app.

Users can click the icon to see the last location of the animal and view profile.

The about page tells the story of the app and explains how to use it.

On the list page, users can search by the animal's name or by the type of animal, and sort the list of animals by animal type.

Users can add a new animal to their list.

Animal profile page. Users can click a pin to add a new location to map, as well as edit the profile.