Writing Samples

A collection of interviews and blog posts.

Created during a fashion journalism class and a WordPress course.

Mind-the-Gap Blouse Covers Hole in Women's Fashion Market

This is an article I wrote for my fashion journalism class at Academy of Art University. I interviewed a designer who showed her blouse at Silicon Valley Fashion Week 2016.

The Mind-the-Gap Blouse is a best seller for Betabrand.

Read the article here.

The Mind-the-Gap Blouse. Photo Credit: Betabrand

Holiday Chic On A Student Budget

Josh Burden, Visual Merchandiser for H&M. Photo Credit: Josh Burden

I wrote this article for my fashion journalism class at Academy of Art University. I interviewed an Academy of Art Alum who is now a visual merchandiser for H&M.

The article was published in Fashion School Daily and made the “BEST OF 2016: Fashion School Daily Edition” list.

Read the article here.

Solo Travel Can Lead to the Trip of a Lifetime

In a WordPress class through UC San Diego Extension, I created a blog titled "Travelling on the Cheap." This blog post discusses my experience making a solo trip around Europe, and my fears about going alone. The experience was the trip of a lifetime and I can't recommend it enough.

Read the article here.

A friend walks alone on the beach. Photo Credit: Jen Lucero

Hostels–Not Just for the 19-year-old Backpacker

The Stay Okay hostel, aka the Rotterdam Cubes. Photo Credit: Jen Lucero

This was another blog post written for my WordPress class. Although initially apprehensive about staying in a hostel, I soon discovered they have so much to offer for people of all ages.

This post was written for "Travelling on the Cheap" and discusses the different types of hostels and what to look for when booking, along with the various activities they may offer.

Read the article here.