Swap This For That

A vegetarian community based recipe site.

Swap This For That teaches people to swap out an animal protein for a vegetarian or vegan option.

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The Problem

While it is great news that plant-based food was named a top trend in 2016, and numbers of vegetarians are slowly increasing, it should be more than a trend.

As more people are expressing interest in a plant-based diet, there needs to be an easier way for people to make the switch to plant-based meals.

The Solution

A website where people can learn to swap a meat based dish for a vegetarian option. The idea is a community based website where users can submit and rate recipes.

This project consists of interviews and user testing, resulting in a concept for a site that will solve a problem that the current recipe sites do not cover. The people interviewed for this project said that they didn’t just want gourmet recipes for special occasions, but something they could use for everyday meals.


The interest is growing in plant-based diets as people learn the health and environmental benefits, with millenials leading the charge.

55% of Americans are open to a plant based diet*

*In one year, interest jumped almost 20%, according to a Wakefield study.

49% of Americans consume non-dairy milk

Mintel research shows that sales for dairy milk have dropped 7% in 2015. Sales for dairy milk are expected to drop 11% by 2020 as people turn to plant-based alternatives.

Target Audience


  • Millennials in their late 20s and early 30s who are new vegetarians or are interested in becoming vegetarian, or vegetarians who simply want new ideas on what to cook.
  • They enjoy cooking and care about the environment, their health and social justice.
  • They are open to different ideas and trying new diets and lifestyle changes.


  • People who have vegetarian friends or family, and aren’t sure what to cook for them.
  • They want ideas other than frozen veggie burgers or side dishes.


Home Page

  • Users can search to find their favorite recipes and learn how to make it meatless.
  • They can also search by a specific protein (such as chicken or chickpeas) and find top rated recipes to choose from.
  • Users can also click on a top-rated recipe in the carousel that has already been adapted to a meatless version, as well as see similar items.
  • Users can search by category. The highest rated results will appear first.

Search Results

  • User has searched for “Beef Chili.” They are taken to a page with a featured recipe, and they can also choose if they want to view recipes made with specific ingredients (i.e. tofu or nuts).
  • They can also view all the recipes on this site for similar dishes.


  • After making the selction of what they want to swap for meat (in this case, legumes), the user is then taken to the recipe page.
  • From this page, the user can rate and review the recipe.

Submit Recipe

  • Users submit a recipe to the site using this form. The Swap team reviews within 36 hours, and if it meets the standards of the website, the recipe is posted.
  • Users then give feedback on the recipe. The higher rated the recipe, the higher it appears in the search results.
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